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Learn new healing techniques to heal animals, the planet and yourself

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This is a group for animal lovers, Reiki practitioners, healers - and anyone who wants to learn new healing tools you can use immediately in your life - and to create positive change on the planet. Do you dream of a healthy planet, where animals are treated with kindness and respect? Do you yearn for a positive way to make a different on the planet? This group is for you!!

We will meet monthly and work on one pressing animal or environmental issue (whales and dolphins, wild horses, wildlife protection, etc.). You will learn healing techniques from other practitioners. We will spend part of the class time discussing and teaching, and the rest of the time healing. We will all then individually send healing energy to that particular animal or issue for an entire month.

Everybody is welcome! It doesn't matter if you have been a healer or practitioner for 20 years - or if you have never taken a single class. We will teach you! All you need is a love for animals and a desire to focus in a positive manner to help make this world a kinder, gentler and more peaceful place for all beings. Together we can create miracles!

You will Learn: Meditation and global healing practices, including Reiki techniques; Healing with angels and ascended masters (Buddha, Saint Francis, and others); How to meet and communicate with your animal spirit guide; How to deepen your connection with all animals; How to use these tools to help animals and the planet on a global scale…and more!

The cost of this group is $50 - or two people for $75. And here's what you will receive:

· You will learn amazing healing techniques that you can use on yourself, your animals, your family and friends, and on any group or situation that feels right to you.

· You will get in-class practice time, working with each other and with one targeted animal group or issue per month.

· We will have a private Facebook group, so we can discuss and support each other between class dates.

· Everyone in the group will get two distant Reiki sessions from me per week ($220 per month value).

· You will meet and work with a very like-minded, loving and powerful group of healers and practitioners with a deep desire to change the world.

This is something that has been a dream of mine for a long time. I have a very strong vision for the group we will create, and the power of the change we will be making in the world for animals and the planet. I hope you will join me to be part of this team.

We will meet monthly, and each month you will learn a new healing modality and we will send healing to a different animal or issue. No long-term commitment is required, come as frequently as fits your schedule.

Our first meeting is Saturday, June 22 at noon and will be in Pacifica. We also hope to take "field trips" on some sessions to animals sanctuaries and other fun places where we can interact with animals in person.

If you would like more information, please contact me at any time at: You can also get more details on my website,