What we're about

Are you a healer? An Empath? An intuitive? Someone who is working on themselves and healing others?

If Yes then this group is for you.

Healers Gathering Meetups is dedicated to provide a safe space for healers to meet up and find the freedom to share their knowledge, experiences and insights with other like minded healers. Being a healer myself (specified in NLP and Reiki healing and founder of the healing Closet) I know how much we give to the world at a consistent basis because we heal others and find fulfillment in practising our calling and purpose on this earth. In saying that, we also feel a little isolated from the world, as we focus on others pains and in the process neglect our own. Making a group for healers to meet will allow a stronger energetic field to grow as healers can speak freely about their own personal issues, worries and hopes while knowing they are understood, heard and empathised with.

Having the healers meet, will in addition allow for information to be shared, thoughts to be expressed and healing methods to be exchanged.

I have a youTube channel where I guide others to move towards their inner happiness and more positive mind set, check it out

https://www.youtube.c... (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWy1synjzr-6x3_6U7a080w)

These meet ups will be in chilled out spaces, either in a coffee shop, a restaurant or my home all depends on the event taking place. The most important thing is that these meet ups will be fun, expressive and safe.

Who can join?
NLp practitioners, CBT, Psychologists, therapists, yoga, meditators, Empaths, mindfulness, EMDR, EFT, Intuitives etc.... anyone who is certified and works with clients to better others lives.

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