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Intention Wands with Georgina and Jodi

The intention of this evening will be to create 2 intention wands

One to represent what you want to let go of, or release from your life, and another to represent what you want to manifest or bring into your life.

These are very powerful manifestation tools. After we make them, we will be planting them in the forest to work with the earth and universe as well as Angels to manifest our wishes.

You will need to bring 2 sticks/branches from a tree of your choice, fairly straight and about 2 -3 feet long.

We will use various materials and shapes that represent what we want to manifest in our lives, as well as what we wish to let go of, or be released from.
The materials and objects can be ornaments, bits of jewelry, shells, feathers, sticks, ribbons, flowers, leaves and colors to adorn and represent the items to be released as well as brought into our lives.

Please bring items that are meaningful to you, whether found or chosen from Nature, or other various items.

The wands will be an offering to be left in the woods or forest, so dont bring anything you may not want to offer or let go of permanently.

It is a very powerful ceremony that is therapeutic and symbolic, and often manifests into reality :)