Price: CA$15.00 /per person

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Jenny has decided to bring some of her speciality cheeses that she offers in her store along with a few other surprise products for fun, tasting and Christmas ideas :))

so join us ! we are going to have great fun muscle testing for our own special aromatherapy blends that will make us happy and healthy through the holidays.. as well as have some cheesey and yummy snacks and warm wintery drinks :))

Join us for a fun and therapeutic evening of learning how to create your own custom aromatherapy massage oil blends with Jenny

Have your own Aromatherapy massage oil blend created especially for you according to your unique physical and emotional fingerprint.

We will be presenting an Aromatherapy bar which will have a large selection of essential oils and carrier products such as oils to offer you the opportunity to try an essential oil blend and decide if it is just right for you, then to blend your own unique oil.
We will do some muscle testing to help you to choose your own unique blend, and we will also be creating some special immune system blends with natural antibacterial and anti viral oils to help you to keep your living areas germ free and also to keep your immune system strong and protect again this cold and flu season.

Aromatic essential oils are powerful liquids distilled from flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. They have been used for over 5000 years by the Egyptians, who may have been the first to discover them; essential oils were used in rituals and ceremonies, for medication and for perfume. Many biblical references allude to essential oils and how they were used to heal the sick.

Bring 2 small 50 to 100 mL dark bottles and a carrier oil of your choice (sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil or even olive oil all make suitable carrier oils) to take home your own special massage blends.

$15.00 per person

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream when they are smelt or absorbed by the skin, and transported round the physical body to work on various key organs. These oils have therapeutic benefits because of their molecular similarity to those found in the human body and the benefits depend on the oil's specific properties. All essentials oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.
How does Aromatherapy work?
Balance mood
Lift spirits
Dispel negative emotions
Bring about a sense of comfort
Relieve tension headaches
Improve sleep
Heal wounds
Relieve menstrual cramps
Regulate hormones
Improve skin tone
Relax muscles
Aid digestion
Aid blood circulation
Reduce inflammation
Stimulate immune system
Relieve stress
​Relieve minor discomforts