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Join Meika for this special evening

A Ceremony for Soul Retrieval

*** Please note this session will involve long periods of deep meditation, broken with short breaks of quiet contemplation and reflection. The vast majority of this session will be spent in a guided meditation.

The Laika dive the collective unconscious of all humanity into three parts: the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds. These aren't physical places, but rather archetypal and energetic domains.

We will journey together through the Four Chambers of the Lower World.

The first of these is the Chamber of Wounds, where you discover the original wounding that caused part of your soul to flee and derail the course of your destiny.

The second is the Chamber of Contracts, where you'll discover the soul promises that you've made. Many of these will be terrible obligations that you agreed to before you were even born, and which you have no conscious knowledge. In this chamber, you can renegotiate the terms of an agreement that was badly worded an that has sentenced you to a life of repeated suffering.

The third is the Chamber of Grace. Here you'll find your healed soul part, which is ready to return to you with all its life force. Grace is the fuel that propels you forward in life, what brings joy and peace. It isn't enough to journey to discover the pathology created by your wounds; you must also seek beauty, harmony, and the unique gifts of your soul.

The fourth is the Chamber of Treasures. It's here, deep in the unconscious, that you can find the resources that will help you live more fully.