Past Meetup

Releasing the Old bring in New- Healing ceremony

Price: $13.00 /per person

Needs a location


Burning bowl ceremony

We will have a beautiful ceremony which consists of making a list of EVERYTHING you want to let go of. This could be anything negative in your life, financial stress, relationship issues, physical ailments or conditions, anything at all. We will also set our intention of creating that which we want brought into our lives.

We will then use a guided meditation with ceremony, and place each of your lists (and mine!) into the ceremonial burning bowl.

Each of us will set them alight and as the smoke rises, will speak a prayer (verbal or silent) into the Universe to release all that is not in your Highest good and that the energy of anything unwanted, such as pains, fears and frustrations is transformed.

Inner Strength, Inner Peace, Love, health and all that you would like brought into your life will then have the space to enter into your life.

We will also learn about how we lose energy from ourselves by attaching our energy to others.

Understanding how we can love without losing energy can help us to learn to support others in their journey while allowing ourselves to remain healthy, happy and peaceful through our own.

Love donation of $13.00