Past Meetup

Chakras and focusing Power in the Ajna

Price: $13.00 /per person

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We will have special Guest Jodi Ingram sharing some information about the levels levels of chakra awareness, in the context of vertical ascendancy and what the power is in focusing at the ajna.

When we attempt to calm and silence the mind it tends to get very loud. The thoughts jump around like monkeys from branch to branch.

As we focus the breath and allow the energy to move up the spine anything that is in the way, or blocked in the centers of the body, comes to our awareness.

As we become aware of incessant thoughts and anxieties we can find where in the body they originate and let them flow into the flame. At first it is difficult to still the mind and focus on the light in the sixth, but the energy in the spine begins to have a clearer pathway as the chakras are opened and cleared. Allowing the system to work as it was designed to, as one functioning system with clear communication between the data banks. Allowing the life force to travel up from the base of the spine and flood into and through the top of the head and to complete the circuit back down.

We have after all the most complex nervous system of any of the animals on the planet and it is designed for this purpose; Ascendency. Realization of our true nature.

To begin Jodi will speak about the chakras and then present a few different models of their consciousness properties.

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