Past Meetup

Chakra Healing With Tuning Forks - back by popular demand

Price: $13.00 /per person

Location visible to members


Halliday Walsh will be our Guest presenter and will be sharing with us a very powerful

exercise using Chakra tuning forks to assist us in clearing, balancing and energizing our Chakras.

We will go through the process with hallie for balancing the chakras of other people using tuning forks and hands as tools.

Hal will demonstrate on a person or two, explaining as we go along; and then her intent is to support people in pairs to gently try with each other and/or to facilitate a discussion of ethics/procedures/respect/permission/whatever-comes-up... (and the bowls? puleeze :)

Be prepared to have your chakras energized with the chakra tuning forks in a beautiful gentle and powerful way.

The intent of this session is to gently support people to clear and balance their chakras

This will be a very powerfully healing evening and also a relaxing evening

Love donation of $13.00