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Spirit Therapeutic Equestrian Program (STEP) uses horses to empower women to reach new heights in there growth and healing.
~Are you questioning what am I here for?
~Am I destined for more?
~Maybe your a cancer survivor, or feeling you are without a vision and a purpose.
~Or maybe you are questioning is this it?
We want to help you recover your authentic gifts and strengths; empowering you to live a life full of passion.
Horses teach us to "follow the feel," namely your intuition and to trust what you see, you are the experts in your own life. Horses mirror back the authentic energy given off by you, not what you want to convey. Horses will respond like a mirror and not cooperate when we have these discrepancies. Specifically, if we remove the false self which we use to protect us from danger or threat, from the cues of the horses, it offers a path towards self realization and improves self regulation of emotional reactions to pressure. What seems out of our control, is really with in our control.
So we encourage you to join us on October 25th-December 13th. This is a six week closed group that meets every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30PM. We will skip the week of Thanksgiving.
The cost is $60 a session or if paid in full, you get a $60 dollar discount! The paid in full price is $300.00.
We have only six spots available so sign up quickly! Don't miss out!

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12 Acre Wood Farm


******WE ARE FLEXIBLE AS FAR AS DATES IN MARCH OR APRIL LET US KNOW WHAT WORKS BEST!*********************************************************** Women in recovery are welcomed into this retreat to find connection with one another and the basic text. Oftentimes as women in recovery we don’t have the time to just attend to ourselves and our connection with our higher power. In this experience you will be able to take time to examine more fully your place in your recovery and your recovery journey. This equine centered learning experience will help facilitate deeper connection to self and recovery. Horses are prey animals and as such can read our body language with complete accuracy. They pick up on what we have stored away, trying to ignore or simply just don’t know still exists. Their unique ability to read beyond your surface and our clinical ability to read what they are saying to you will help you to become more conscious of what may be blocking you from the sunlight of the spirit. Your day will begin with a lite breakfast and fellowship. You and your sober sisters will then gather for a meditation and divinely led passage on which your time here will focus. You will then participate in a small group discussion of the meaning of the passage to you, what it brings to your mind and heart and how you would like to expand your awareness of this passage. You will next take this desire as an intention to the horses. Time with the herd will include some grooming, walking and working in the round pen as individuals. My team and I will be able to notice what the horses are doing and help you uncover the metaphors that pertain to your recovery and intention. After this exercise you will have time to process with your sober sisters. The day will end with a mindful walk in the woods and lunch. For more information please see my website: twelve-acre-wood.com or email me: [masked] This workshop will be held in March and April and will cost $100.00 per person. Each session is limited to 8 participants. Please check my website for details or follow me on Facebook at Twelve Acre Wood.

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12 Acre Wood Farm


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