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Art Therapy Palm Beach's six-week intensive class is an intuitive, spiritual, and creative approach that removes your blocks in life, making the unconscious conscious while finding your inner guide and medicine. Each class will be a journey of healing through the medium of art and will be guided by a licensed psychotherapist in order to facilitate healing.

We will meet every Wednesday from 10am-1pm, beginning June 21 thru July 26. The six week journey will take you to new realms and depths which will be the beginning of a new way of developing your intuitive guidance while tapping into your own unique medicine that is innately ingrained into your being. Heal and grown through shape, color and form in ways that you never imagined. Give yourself the gift of healing your mind and soul through breakthroughs that spirit is calling for.

Contact Dr. Stacy Aberle at 850-377-6909 for any questions or visit
ArtTherapyPalmBeach.org for more details.

NO artistic ability is required in that Expressive Art Therapy is infinitely adaptavble to anyone or any "issue".

*Space is limited due to the intensity of work and to creative an initmate healing envioroment.

Cost: $297, including ALL materials.

Creating art affords opportunities to literally step back from the work in progress and examine things from alternate perspectives, revealing new relationships, constructs, and interpretations not so readily apparent.
Art can provide a place to contain and process pain while also opening up new doors. Working in a different language--visual language--frees inhibitions and barriers that can be challenging to surmount through traditional talk therapies. What might be difficult to say with words can be expressed freely in one’s art. Art provides comfort, connection, focus, freedom, inspiration, and integration

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