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Life After Death: What Happens After We Die
Hello, Dear Fellow Travelers! Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Humans have various beliefs about this, ranging from we just stay with our body regardless of how much it has deteriorated, to we go to heaven if we've lead a virtuous life and hell if we haven't, to nothing happens- death is the end of us. In our next MeetUp, Saturday, November 17, we are going to focus on the possibility that after we die, our conscious awareness ideally returns to higher frequency dimensions. In these dimensions, we reunite with loved ones, review the events of the life we have just lived as well as other lives, work with souls of a similar level of development to learn more of the lessons we have chosen to learn, and possibly prepare for another reincarnation in the physical dimension. We will base our discussion on reports of people who have had Near Death Experiences, have experienced life between lives in hypnotherapy sessions, and psychic mediums and channelers who have spoken to people who have passed on. Bring your questions, comments, any experiences you may have had of life after death, and most importantly, an open mind. We are meeting on NOVEMBER 17TH, which is the THIRD SATURDAY in November, from 12 to 2 pm, at 3601 S. Clarkson St., Suite 540, Englewood, CO 80113. There is no charge, but donations are gratefully accepted. Love and blessings, Ann and Evie

South Clarkson Medical and Dental Center

3601 South Clarkson St., Suite 540 · Englewood, CO

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    In this Meetup group, we will teach you how to use spiritual, emotional and psychological methods to raise your personal vibration, help you improve your intuition, increase your self awareness, make better decisions, face your inner doubts and fears, improve your outlook on life, deal more effectively with relationships and emotions. All of these techniques will be utilized to help you to use a higher vibrational frequency as you go through our daily lives. The classes will be held in an interactive format in which group discussion will be utilized to exponentially expand the learning process.

    We will start each class with a guided meditation and include a Qi Gong exercise.

    We will meet on the second Saturday of each month from 12 noon to 1:30, longer if we are really getting into it! Emoto water will be provided!

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