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I offer various types of gatherings for those who:

- Are on the path of ascension into joy and love
- Would like to share wisdom, insights, growth, and breakthroughs in a supportive group of likeminded souls
- Are empowering themselves through regular self reflection and self healing
- Are cultivating love consciousness
- Honour Earth medicine and Light work

*Individual sessions and more about me at http://katrinakrogstad.com/healing


I have been practicing meditation and inward reflection extensively through my own spiritual journey. I have studied extensive qigong training, emotional healing journeying. I underwent many deep, inner transformations with the help of healers, creative projects, meditation, and the supportive wisdom from my decks of oracle cards.

I hope to use many the tools and techniques I have benefitted from to create a supportive space for your own spiritual exploration and growth.


Oracle Card Readings:

The decks I use are based in love, light, and ancient wisdom, and provide a gentle space of wisdom and reflection for your soul. No two readings are the same.

Each time, I intuitively select the decks, specific cards, and sometimes short excerpts from books. The reading interacts uniquely with you to bring forth meaningful messages that guide you to cultivate our personal growth, purpose, and joy.

*For a more tailored reading, please book an individual reading


Guided Meditations:

Guided meditation for grounding and settling into gentle, loving, and calm state. Open yourselves up into your true self through love, joy, peace, and gratitude through beautiful experiences of nature, energy, and compassion.


Dance, Movement, & Qigong:

Explore the connection between our bodies and the space around you. Feel and experience the life force energy from the Earth, sky, and all around you to dance through and with you. Discover your personal connection with spirit and joy through movement.

*Qigong is guided at a beginner level and is easy to follow if you are new to qigong.
It is not physically demanding and is easily modified for any physical limitations, such as practicing from a seated position.


Collage Workshops:

Channel your subconscious joys and challenges by tapping into your visual creativity. Connecting words and images through collage work allows you to receive messages from your higher self to help you fully manifest your unique energy and medicine.


Medicine Wheel Mandala Workshops

Empower yourself with your own unique medicine while making this ancient craft. Learn how to create or embody energy and power in your unique Yarn Medicine Wheel Mandala.


Healing Story Time

Use the healing potential of intuitively-selected children's books to help you step into your own emotions, thoughts, and dreams. Explore life themes, emotions, imagery, messages, or sharing personal experiences or reflections.

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