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These personal development workshops are designed to help you overcome negative life patterns. Together, we will explore the underlying causes that keep you stuck, and the tried and proven ways of breaking free. Most importantly, I will help you understand how to keep on growing to where you will have the confidence and the know-how to embrace life’s difficulties as opportunities to heal and grow even more.

The strength of this nurturing group is the clarity you will gain in regards to what are the essential factors that make healing, awareness and growth happen and how to put it into your life. This will help you have faith in a process for transforming your life.

This group is open to anyone who wants to heal and grow. It's a day long workshop in order to give you the opportunity to have real breakthroughs. You can attend the workshops that are scheduled as often as you like. You also tap into a community that is built around two other groups that I run that are dedicated to Mindfulness and Awareness, all from the same location. Peace and Harmony. Phil

Workshop: 10am to 4pm. $60 via online banking prior to the workshop.



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"The Heart of Mindfulness" - A day of Awareness, Clarity, Empowerment.

"The Heart of Mindfulness" workshop is an opportunity to deepen, sharpen, empower your Mindfulness practice.

Awaken to the power and potential of your conscious-awareness - your observer self.

• Learn how to master the mind

• Learn how to act, rather than react.

• Develop compassion and loving kindness

• Make peace with yourself

• Create harmony in your life

• Develop resilience

• Deepen your spirituality

I have been practicing Mindfulness for 37 years teaching Mindfulness for 30 years. I look forward to mentoring you in your own practice, and helping you have a real experience of the power and heart of mindfulness.

Previous attendee:

"Another meaningful investment in my personal and spiritual wellbeing. I could feel 'stuckness' shifting with each meditation and was again astonished -shouldn't be by now- that the answers truly are right there within us when we connect with that great consciousness that is part of our very being. I am so grateful Phil that you share your deep wisdom and knowledge with generosity and gentle prompting that seems to lead each individual to exactly what they need to know. I felt a beautiful organic unfolding in the group also - thanks so much to those people for sharing their vulnerability and humanness, it was an honour. I will be seeing you soon for meditation. I want to make this part of my regular practice." Meredith

10am to 4pm

$60 for the day. Concessions available.

More info: htttp://www.innerharmony.com.au/home


Overcome Trauma

Inner Harmony Center


Overcome Trauma. Trauma, or PTSD, can be healed and not just coped with.

Facilitator: Phil Golding - Psychotherapist (specialising in Trauma Therapy), Counsellor, Mindfulness Coach. Over 20 years experience.

This workshop is an opportunity to:

• Understand how the mind works.

• Understand the nature of trauma.

• Understand how to heal your mind.

• Understand the essential principles to healing.

• Create harmony in your life.

• Develop resilience.

• Learn how to keep growing.

I was suicidal at 20. Began healing at 24. I have 35 years of my own personal development experience and have been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. I look forward to mentoring you in your own healing journey.

$60 for the day. Concessions Available

10am to 4pm.

Your mobile number is also required.

More info: htttp://www.innerharmony.com.au


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Overcome Trauma

Inner Harmony Center


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