What we're about

This is a group and safe space for Spiritual Divine Seekers, who are seeking Holistic healing methods to overcome past and present challenges that may include past traumas or mishaps that we humans encounter throughout our life on this planet earth. Or if you haven't experienced a whole lot of negative events but feel drawn to this group then great! Individuals who are interested in gathering together in a Circle Sharing Format which focuses on self-nurturing and holistic healing are welcome.

You may participate in a variety of exercises such as guided meditations, meeting for a nature walk, guided visualizations, discuss topics of mutual interest with a focus on self-care and personal empowerment. Chakra body exercises, energy circles using affirmations, tapping, and other methods, means and skills which encourage tuning within and grounding. The bi-weekly meet up will have a specific skill or method assigned to the hour and a half which will support, promote, and encourage connection between ourselves and our Spiritual Source energy.

I find that as an Alternative Health Practitioner and Healer it is necessary for me to refresh my own inner resources frequently, my essence (mind, body, emotions, soul). There is an extra Grace and Joy when gathering together with other like-minded spiritual beings.

Let's come together as a community bringing with us, unconditional love, acceptance, and our willingness to connect with our Source and one another. We may lift our frequencies to higher levels, increase our own Spiritual vibrations, and continue to thrive personally and professionally as we experience increased well-being.

We will meet bi-weekly with the intention to increase "Self-Love and Empowerment." The intention continues as a means to check in and replenish our inner sources.

We will hold the meetup online or at other venues that will be determined based on the group's needs. The meetup can be facilitated online or outdoors in the warmer weather.

This Meetup is intended to be held bi-weekly on Thursdays from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. beginning June 4th.

This Meetup group is my way of giving back and showing respect to the Lightworkers who want to be involved in a community of like-minded souls

There is a fee of five dollars, simply to cover any expenses for the preparation of workshops and discussion materials that may be provided from time to time.


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