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We begin with limited personal sharing, meditation and prayers. We call in the assistance of the Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels and Archangels to increase the amplitude of our vibration. We come together with pure heart intention and ask for the greatest good for the greatest number of souls. We always ask Spirit to lead our group and pray for our egos to take a back seat.

Our intent is for this to be more than a "Reiki share", which it has occurred many times! We wish to go deeper in our healing, intuition, and knowledge of the Truth. There is a synergy that is created when the intent of the participants is to give to the circle of all in attendance versus coming to get something and to have a feel good experience. When we come with pure intent to contribute to the flow of the all, we actually have a tremendous feel good experience and receive much. "It is more blessed to give than receive". We are all on the path and some may appear to be more advanced, but all are important to the circle. It is our intent and certainty that we all grow behind our imaginations.

Love donation of $5.00 to $10.00 to cover expenses. The majority of people tend to forget the donation basket for whatever reason. The cost of the meet-up is $72.00/6 months and you would be amazed at how quickly other expenses add up. Please see this as an energy exchange. Thank you!