Digital Health and Data Sharing & Protection – How the landscape is changing ?

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Since the Covid-19 crisis started, care organisations in England have accelerated the adoption of digital health at a dramatic pace. In such a short period of time the pandemic has disrupted not only technology creation and adoption, but ways of working and cross-institutional collaboration involving (health) data sharing.

The rapidly changing context is and will be based on finding new ways of generating, accessing, using and sharing data in the months and years ahead. Evolution in data sharing and protection would normally have taken years to achieve, but this has happened over the last six months.

Challenges on the data-related agenda remain to be seen and tested. Privacy-preserving and ethics must be part of the ongoing discussion about digital health.

During this virtual meetup, speakers will share their views on the different aspects of data sharing and protection including data sharing / privacy-preserving / ethics / data access and engage in a conversation with the virtual audience.

Agenda and Speakers

5:30 PM - Introduction to the Chapter
5:40PM - 7:00 PM Talks and Discussion

Talk 1: The importance of Data Sharing and the Greater Manchester Care Record.
Guy Lucchi- Digital Innovation Director, Health Innovation Manchester

Talk2: AI, Big Data and Privacy: how to build patients' trust
Ivana Bartoletti – Co-founder of Women Leading in AI Network

Talk 3: Evolution of Health Systems and the decade ahead
Siddhartha Chaturvedi. Health Innovation & Responsible AI, Microsoft

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Speakers BIOs

Guy Lucchi

Guy joined Health Innovation Manchester’s executive team in June 2019 as Digital Innovation Director. He is responsible for leading the organisation’s digital transformation programme, across Greater Manchester’s £6bn devolved health and care system.

He has spent much of his career as a Chief Technology Officer with global IT giant DXC Technology, leading on digital healthcare and life sciences initiatives across the Group. Guy's work led to significant digitisation of administration and electronic patient record systems across much of the NHS. He was also instrumental in developing DXC’s global healthcare cloud strategy.

Studied at the University of Salford. Named as ‘Technology Consultant of the Year’ in 2013 by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA).

Siddhartha Chaturvedi

Siddhartha works at the intersection of Responsible AI and Health Innovation at Microsoft across partnerships, policy and platforms focused on societal impact. Prior to moving to a global role, he looked after Healthcare and Life Sciences Partnerships at Microsoft UK, where he joined after his MBA from INSEAD.

An undergrad in Computer Science, he worked in technology consulting, co-founded a social-impact startup using ML for preventive population-health in India and was selected for the MIT Global Entrepreneurship-Bootcamp (2014). Siddhartha comes from a family of doctors, and has been a volunteer for Social Impact Health Initiatives around Women’s Health, Health Access, Health Education and Awareness for over 10 years.

Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana works, writes, and speaks on privacy and digital ethics, and works with companies in the UK and globally. She is Chair of the Executive Committee of the Fabian Society. She was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ (2019) in the Cyber Security Awards in recognition of her growing reputation as an advocate of equality, privacy and ethics at the heart of tech and AI. She received the Gender Equality Leader Award at CogX 2020.

In May 2018, Ivana launched the Women Leading in AI network, an international lobby group of women advocating for responsible AI. The network’s 2018 report garnered mass interest from tech leaders, international institutions and the media. Ivana is Co-editor of the Fintech Circle’s AI Book on how AI is reshaping financial services.
She recently published her latest book named An Artificial Revolution: On Power, Politics and AI.