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Health Anxiety Sufferers

This group is designed for those that have been clinically diagnosed with or believe they suffer from Health Anxiety.

Anxiety alone can be an overwhelming disease, but when someone faces it alone it can become debilitating. with the right support it can be conquered.

Short back story. Back in 2012 Woke up in AFIB one night, called 911, rushed to ER, given medication to get heart back into rythym. Not sure if the medication caused the anxiety, but it’s been here ever since. Heart is healthy. I’m pretty healthy, overweight, but without any known health issues associated with being overweight thank God. But I still have health anxiety.

And of course health anxiety has creeped into depression at time and social anxiety because I’m afraid of having a panic attack in public. Been there done that not fun hope to never experience it again. I was with family and friends but believe it or not nobody knew what was happening or even how to help. (Reassuring words are my solace during an attack snaps me out of it every time)

I read books, see a therapist, watch videos, meditate, attend worship etcetera etcetera, but can’t shake the panic attacks, roaming thoughts and the anxiety.

So after searching for groups in my local area and coming up empty handed, I decided to start one. Surely I can’t be the only one in RVA suffering right?

Together we will conquer Anxiety and become stronger in the process. We will accomplish this by attending weekly meetings where we will discuss our struggles with anxiety and try to give helpful encouraging advice. We will also take mini road trips (within the state not necessarily the city), fishing, festivals, carnivals, movies and anything else we can think of to bond and become a strong support system. Ideas are always welcomed and actually encouraged.

Active partipitation is mandatory to be a part of this group. I will make every effort to schedule meetups as frequent as possible. Consistency is healthy for the mind...or so I’m told.


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