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CBD Presentation
Are you Curious about CBD from hemp? Are you already a familiar and would like to learn more for yourself and family? Do you know about your endogenous cannaboid system and how CBD feeds that system. Would you like to achieve homeostasis in your body naturally? Have you been looking for CBD products and want to find a clean and reliable product line? Join us at 6:00 for a new presentation about CBD, hemp, you ESC, and Kannaway products. We will answer these questions and more. After the presentation we will take a quick break then have training for those involved or interested in our company. There is no obligation to join to get products at membership cost. There will be no pressure to sell products or enroll. We will just share the information and share our experience.

A Touch For Wellness

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Are you curious about how CBD can enhance your wellness? Join us!

CBD plays a huge role in our Endocannabanoid System which EVERY human being has. Never heard of it? It is essential to life and it relates messages that affect how we relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect as noted by the Italian researcher, Vincenzo Di Marzo.

CBD: assists in digestion, acts as analgesic, anxiety relief, joint discomfort, benefits the mind

Not only does CBD play a major role in health and wellness.....

Did you know industrial hemp has over 60,000 uses? From paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health, food, and even fuel. Anything petroleum and trees can do, hemp can do better and without leaving a carbon foot print.

Come learn and enjoy with us!

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