What we're about

This group is a resource for people who are interested in finding out about all types of healthy outlets to care for themselves in mind, body and spirit. You'll find activities that support you taking control of and improving your own life. You'll find some free events and some fee based events.

Members are able to suggest meetup events and see if others are interested in joining you. It is important that you're upfront regarding the event's content and fee structure.

Upcoming events (4+)

FREE Outdoor Yoga Flow @ Village Park with Diane Sing, RYT-500

Needs a location

Please see radiant-lotus.com for updated schedule and signup info

PSYCHICS UNITE support, networking, & psychic play/practice

Needs a location

Welcome to new members! In addition to having time to share our stories, we will be brainstorming for innovative ways to fill needs for each other and our community.


Our purpose is to organize and unite people locally and globally to advance the understanding and acceptance of psychic perception and ability. This is done through outreach, support, education, service, and research.

Psychics Unite is a safe place to share what you experience and how it effects you. This group is for everyone from those just seeking to understand what they, or a person they know, is experiencing, to those who have been involved in psychic work for decades. Even skeptics are welcome!

We will also have time at the end for socializing and networking with new like-minded friends. You are welcome to share business cards and other service information about yourself or others you find helpful.

Donations are accepted to provide a thank you for Unity of Madison for allowing us to use the space. We also take donations for the costs of running our not for profit organization.

Yoga Nidra!

Needs a location


Deepen connection to Self, Soul and Source with an hour devoted to your self-care, relaxation and deep healing.

Similar to guided meditation, we will slow the mind, relax the body and allow Awareness to expand. It is the simple and yet profound.

Note - RSPVing here does not guarantee a place in class!

Follow this link:
http://thesoulheals.com/kundalini-yoga-nidra/ to register ($15.00) and you'll receive the class ZOOM link.

Preparation: Prepare your Yoga Nidra “nest.” This can be done on bed, floor or couch. If you prefer sitting, that works too. Make sure the surface is supportive.

In the beginning, when you might find it harder to stay awake during a session, it’s best to lie on the floor on a simple yoga mat with blanket over your body. There’s nothing inherently wrong with falling asleep in class but the ideal state for practicing Nidra is the pre-sleep state of mind.

A “nest” may consist of any of the following: yoga mat, blanket(s), blocks, bolsters, pillows, lighted candle, and/or essential oils. Some people like to roll a towel into a tight roll and place it under the neck or knees. Test your nest! Make sure you can completely relax and stay warm throughout class.

Message Pat for questions or help!

See you in class!

Alignment Yoga @ RLY in Waunakee

Needs a location

First Class FREE!
$33 for 33 days unlimited classes
$88/mo for members if you join in 2021

IMPORTANT: Register + book classes at www.momoyoga.com/youareradiant

Tonight’s Align & Shine class will focus on shoulder alignment and embodying our backsides to find greater strength and ease throughout our days. Alignment Yoga is a great option for beginners and advanced yogis, as we will break down certain poses and learn to step into them with integrity in our bodies.

Infrared-heated studio. Temperature for this class: 75-80 degrees F.

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