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Come explore what really works to make you a more productive, healthy and happy person through self-experimentation. We're investigating things like intermittent fasting, meditation, productivity improvement techniques and better sleep practices. By trying these things as a group, we can discover what actually works to make us all healthier and happier people.

Each session we'll vote on several new experiments to try, pick the one that sound most interesting to us personally and then track our progress over several weeks. Then we'll get together to share our experiences and learn from one another.

This is a place where data-driven self-tracking pro's and holistic healers meet and engage in a common experience. We'd love to have you join us.

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Self-Experimenting: Exploring Goals and Methods

WeWork 205 Hudson St

This is our first ever get together, so I thought it would make sense to kick things off by setting and sharing our self-experimentation goals and the methods by which we aim to achieve those goals. Some goals that I’ll be ready to discuss are improving sleep quality, productivity, focus, building gratitude and mindfulness. There are so many ways to strive to live a better, healthier life, so please come ready to share whatever you’re hoping to improve or change. We will also be discussing the different ways in which we can achieve these goals, from things like intermittent fasting to meditation to gratitude journaling to limiting screen time. This is a great opportunity to learn about new ways of bettering your life and to share what’s worked for you. My hope is that we can end this meeting by choosing one or more self-experiments we can all try on our own, and then share the results at our next meeting. Here’s a rough schedule: 7-7:30pm Arrival and socializing with beer, wine, coffee and tea 7:30-8:30 Group discussion 8:30-9pm Choosing an experiment and mingling Please feel free to chime in with any ideas, thoughts or experiments you’d like to see discussed! This Meetup is sponsored by LabLyfe– the social self-experimentation platform. Find out more at LabLyfe.com

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