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FHIR meetup®: Structured Data Capture (SDC) in FHIR®

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Dear FHIR engineers and Health IT professionals! At the future FHIR meetup, we will hear from speakers developing an SDC FHIR specification and solutions for this specification. We will get a chance to see live demos of their work and ask questions. SDC or Structured Data Capture might sound unfamiliar, but it is of interest to many health IT engineers. Anyone involved in a project that needed to collect data via clinical forms or maybe developed applications that allow designing clinical forms was working on the same problem that is addressed by the FHIR SDC specification. FHIR SDC specification standardizes the process of describing the form, collecting clinical data, and storing it to the Clinical Data Repository. I am sure that many will find this session useful; someone might find an existing tool to use in their project. We are trying an unusually early time for this virtual meetup to accommodate our European colleagues. I hope that it will work for our West Coast audience as well. Please join us to learn and see other people's work! The program of our next FHIR meetup (perhaps in incorrect order): Lloyd McKenzie, Gevity Consulting. Structured Data Capture is a soon-to-be published FHIR implementation guide that provides guidance on using Questionnaires with FHIR. This presentation will provide a quick overview of the IG's capabilities, including enhanced form rendering, the ability to populate forms from existing data, generate resources based on data in completed forms, and use of advanced behavior to control questionnaire flow for users. Ilya Beda, Beda Software. Different kind of UI forms plays an important role in any healthcare application. In the case of some platform that is used by multiple organizations, lots of efforts are usually spent on customization for such forms to fit the particular organization’s needs. I would like to share my experience, how it could be achieved in a less painful way. Paul Lynch. This talk will cover the SDC-related tools from Lister Hill Center (LHC) at the National Library of Medicine. Topics will include the LHC-Forms widget for rendering FHIR Questionnaires, specific SDC features supported by LHC-Forms, and open-source apps using LHC-Forms. More to come and send us a message if you want to present! We plan to have 1-presentation FHIR meetup every other week. Please reach out if you like to make a presentation about a FHIR®-related topic. FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7. This event is not sponsored by HL7. The FHIR trademark does not constitute endorsement of the content of the products and/or presentations presented by HL7. Meetup Youtube link: to be shared soon If you want to join Zoom to speak or ask questions, please send me a message via Zulip or t.me/healthdev and I will share the link with you.

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