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This group is Melbourne's Largest and most active Fitness Meetup group. We meet at many different locations around Melbourne.



It is time for some mostly FREE Fun activities that focus on Physical and Mental Health

This club will focus on Physical and Mental Health trough exercise and knowledge.

If you wish to share your knowledge and expertise in this regards to "health" with this group then this meetup is made for you.

We are always looking for new Event organizer for this group.

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Yours in Fitness.


Volunteer Minister at the Church of Scientology.


Upcoming events (4+)

Table Tennis, Social, Practice, Coaching & Competition in Malvern East

Needs a location


Table Tennis, Social, Practice, Coaching and Competition Sessions are held every Monday and Thursday evening through school term. Note that we are normally closed for most school holidays:

You can play anytime from 5.30 to 9.20PM on Monday or Thursday evenings. From 5.30 to 7.00PM is table tennis Coaching session.

From 7.00 to approx 9.15PM is Social, Practice and some competitions.

With the new lights and barriers, combined with the good wooden floor, easy car parking, good quality tables (up to 12 tables) etc this table tennis centre has become the premium table tennis centre for the Southern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

These sessions are particularly noted for being well organized and friendly. Paul will soon have you introduced to other people of a similar table tennis ability.

Most table tennis sessions are $15 per session with an extra $5 per session for those being coached. This cost includes bats and balls.

On most nights there are 20 to 30 players. The club has been running since the late 1970s although it has changed its venue several times. Most players are not with meetup so RSVP numbers are not an indication of numbers attending.

Any questions then phone Paul on[masked]

How the mind is making the Body Ill. Free Meetup

Needs a location

How the Mind is making the Body Ill!

What the mind is doing to the body. (yours)

Did you know that about 70 percent of the physician's current roster of diseases fall into the category of psychosomatic illness?

Psychosomatic Illnesses are those which have a mental origin but are nevertheless organic.

Psycho, of course, means mind and somatic refers to body; the term psychosomatic means the mind making the body ill or illnesses which have been created physically within the body by derangement of the mind.

At today's meetup you are able to learn why is it that some people recover promptly from illness, trauma or accidents whilst others receiving the very same treatments do so slowly, not at all or relapse.

When one desires to handle any unwanted condition in life the mind plays a crucial role. Why is it then that all to many confess they know very little about the mind or anything at all.

The mind and the problem of psychosomatic illness are entirely embraced by Dianetics (the Modern Science of Mental Health ) and by Dianetics technique.

Dianetics means: What the mind is doing to the body.

Trough the application of Dianetics technique you will be able to confirm that when one resolves the problem of human aberration (any deviation or departure from rationality) you naturaly get great response all around. (Not just body related)

Bizarre aches and pains in various portions of the body are generally psychosomatic. Migraine headaches are psychosomatic.

Arthritis, dermatitis, allergies, asthma some coronary difficulties, eye trouble, bursitis, ulcers, sinusitis, etc., form a very small section of the psychosomatic catalog.

Therefore the catalog of ills affected by Dianetics technique is very long.

Dianetics is something that anyone can use to help improve himself and his fellows.

My own truth is that the hidden source of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration has been discovered and accurate skills have been developed for their handling.

I also know that many other people have experienced this to be true.

Dianetics is a path to knowing how to know, unlocking the gates to be better future for yourself or others you love or are responsible for.

Only by reading the Dianetics book (or watching the DVD) in full can one get an understanding of the workings of the mind and the potential merits that applying Dianetics technique yourself may have for you.

Amherst College Political Science Professor, Dr Frederick L. Schuman declaration in the New York times: "History has become a race between Dianetics and catastrophe. Dianetics will win, if enough people are challenged in time to understand it"

Your own investigation into Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health is prudent and welcomed. It's after all very sensible to investigate personally why this explosive bestseller book has sold more copies than any other book in its category and is the most influential book ever written about the mind.

The above are some of my own opinions, experiences, and observations. As always results obtained by the individual are up to him. No promises are made by me or anyone or anybody.

Any technique no matter how good does not work for people that do not want to change, are not interested or have other agendas. Those that do not fall into those categories tend to do very well and flourish and prosper because of it.

Truth is not what people say it is. it is what it is.

This meetup is held at the Life Improvement Centre located within the Church Of Scientology. All People of goodwill are welcome.

Contact us if today's date or time does not suit your schedule.
Alternatively tune into: www.scientolgy.tv network tv now broadcasting 24/7

Know yourself, Know life!

Tanja and Michel

"How to NOT Mess-Up Your Kids"

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Join me as I share "How to NOT Mess-Up Your Kids"


Date: FRIDAY, 27th MAY 2022

Link to Join:

Respond "YES" if you will be joining us & we are excited to connect with you!


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ONLINE on demand Webinar with music producer and humanitarian Robert Meister.

Mainstream Media is constantly reminding us that our world is being destroyed. But where is the destruction really coming from? Gov, Corporations, Secret Societies?
If you start trying to find the answer, it can be overwhelming.

The good news is you can do a lot more than you think, if you have the right know-how.

Come and hear a point of view you won't hear anywhere else.
Please follow this link:

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