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Improving access to affordable healthcare by promoting innovative technologies that transform healthcare.

Health Technology Forum (HTF) is a platform for people worldwide who have a common interest in making healthcare better, more accessible and affordable. Our international network of technology and healthcare entrepreneurs, developers, regulators, and providers are advancing the pace of healthcare innovation by engaging in exciting and productive dialogue between experts in healthcare.

Worldwide interconnections are critical as we think global and act local. The advent of PHRs, social network, open platforms, smart phone, personalized medicine, compliance, interoperability, and policies are creating new opportunities for everyone to engage in a dialog to improve care everywhere.

At our local meetups we discuss real-life technology use-cases from hospitals, doctor offices, medical billing, insurance, remote monitoring, pharmaceuticals, health-and-wellness, and various patient-care services. Subject matter experts, users, entrepreneurs, regulators, and providers will address each other's needs and solutions. The objective is to connect entrepreneurs with professionals who are addressing these real-life problems that exist in the healthcare ecosystem. We will review how low-cost, scalable, deployable systems can meet or exceeds the needs of 21st century care-giving for everyone.

To learn more, visit our website: http://www.healthtechnologyforum.com

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