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Healthcare Informatics Framework Success Stories
Since both Health Science and Social Science work very closely to define Healthcare Analytics Business Requirements, we have combined their discussion in one session for better outcome. First we will go over The Healthcare Informatics Framework (HCIF) pillars and the interdisciplinary collaboration roadmap that enforces a success on implementing a Healthcare Analytics. And then a panel of Health and Social Science experts and executives will go over known challenges in their practices and why an Enterprise Healthcare Analytics solution was not successful in their organizations. At the end we will show how HCIF can help to overcome some of the hurtles. Then there will be an interactive session that the attendees will presents their challenges.

IBM Austin Building 908 Room 03-3E027

11501 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, USA · Austin, TX


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Healthcare Predictive Analytics can help providers keep their patients healthier. By capturing the streaming patient data that comes from health monitors that are implanted or worn and reside in pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and hospitals, providers can gain greater insight into chronic and emerging conditions. Capturing this physiological data and analyzing it with data from electronic medical records or other clinical systems can deepen insights into the effects of daily life on a variety of illnesses.

Healthcare Predictive/Proactive Analytics is a challenging industry-solution that is evolving in real time. It utilizes many very exciting practices: Healthcare Informatics Framework, Content Management, Unify Communication (users and SN), Patient Care Security, Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and so on. Moreover, the healthcare industry requirements for a practical Analytical Solution are evolving as users from CXOs to operators are adapting to the Analytical culture and self-serve Business Intelligence in their day-to-day activities.

In the HCPA Meetup group, we exchange information and challenge each other on all of the above topics with very interactive discussions. We hope that every member will bring new ideas, challenges, and hard questions to the group as a practitioner, SME, decision maker, or user, and that he/she will participate in finding suitable resolutions.

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