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It is time again to spend a whole weekend hacking away on an exciting challenge! This time we dedicate our creativity and energy on the research on lung infection. But how are we going to be able to participate in this complex matter?

GAME JAM: Lung Infection - Make a game to defeat lung infections

It may sound naive as lung infections are a threat to everyone´s health, but by simply making a game of it and by doing so trying to gain new scientific insights and patterns in a playful way and foster the understanding of this disease. As a starting point we identified the computer simulation of the first 24 hours of a lung infection. Because of the statistic nature at the beginning of an infection, research depends on such computer simulations. Unfortunately, this approach can get really complex and computationally intensive. In a similar problem with protein folding (FoldiT it proved to be both extremely helpful and fun to create a game and let gamers bring in their brain power to solve the problem by drag and drop the chemical bonds on their screen. Every gamer is empowered to use his passion of gaming to generate new data sets in this unconventional approach. This new genre of games is called “serious game”.

Now it is time to create such serious game on lung infection and we want you to be part of it. Consequently, our call goes out to all of you - data scientists, coders, designers but also to everyone who loves gaming and who is interested in bio-medical questions - no matter if still a student, a professional or retired. Everybody can join the challenge. You are going to work in interdisciplinary teams to come up with concepts of games or even playable prototypes. During the weekend, you will get support of medical, bioinformatic and game development professionals either by mentoring or lectures.

At the end of the weekend a jury of gamers, scientists and experts will judge the games and hand over a price for the winning team. But ask yourself: Isn´t it also rewarding to be able to play all the other cool games which will be developed during the weekend? We think so, thats why we are scheduling a gaming session at the end of the hackathon! The rest of the program looks like this:

For protecting the event from fake registrations we are charging 10 Euro as a protection fee. For this you need Paypal, if you don´t have it we can arrange bank transfer to the Health Hacker e.V. account. Also if you need an receipt, please get in contact. If somebody has other problems during the registration process or has any other questions, just contact Christian (christian@healthhackers) or ask below in the comment section.

For people who want to participate and are not locals, please get in touch with us and we try to arrange accommodation.

Let´s work hard and play even harder!

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