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Are you looking for a group that can support you and provide a sense of community? This group is aimed at women who feel that they want more from their life - for women who feel frazzled and fatigued and are looking for answers. In this group we will look at ways that you can feel empowered and live your life to the fullest. There is information workshops, as well as fun events such as PAMPER nights, bring your kids to play day, dinners and nature walks.

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Reclaim Your Energy Workshop

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Feeling frazzled and fatigued? Want to Regain Your Life ? Being a busy mum, woman and worker can leave us feeling tired, frazzled and fatigued. We juggle many facets in our life – the kids, work, household duties, friends, family, relationships. It is always demanding and a struggle. I know how you are feeling. You see, I am a mum to two children, run my own business and run a household. I have an amazing husband who has a chronic health condition – Multiple Sclerosis. I have found myself over the years feeling as you are. Not only have I helped thousands of clients over the last 20 years who are looking to recharge and revitalize, I have also implemented the tips I teach into my own life to cope and thrive with the demands of my life. You feel run down, overwhelmed, tired, cranky and lacking. You can’t see a way to fine-tune your health and your life so that you can live feeling fabulous and fun again DO YOU WANT TO: Feel recharged and full of life End decision fatigue Know how your body works to produce energy Identify your energy robbers The Reclaim Your Life half-day workshop aims to get you on the path to regaining your energy, health and vitality by giving you the foundations to move through your current limitations and energy robbing habits. Living with vitality and energy can be sustained with key easy to follow principles. Health and vitality do not have to be hard or time-consuming. This workshop is for frazzled fatigued mums, frazzled fatigued working women, or anyone who is looking to regain their energy and feel abundant in life again. From the workshop you will reconnect with feeling revitalized, restored and refreshed. My clients comment that they feel so much better in themselves and able to deal with everyday issues that are in their lives. Many have helped their family feel better by incorporating these key health principles into the life of their family. I use these key principles in my life daily to help me be a mum, household domestic, business owner and wife of a husband with a chronic illness. This workshop is for you if: You are frazzled and fatigued Looking to restore your energy and sanity in life Constantly feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated In the Reclaim Your Energy Workshop you will: - Understand the effects that digestion, liver, thyroid and adrenals has on your energy production - Learn how to plan your meals and your day to help end decision fatigue - Learn stress relief techniques to counter everyday stresses in your life - Discover your ‘Energy Robbers’. This is how to become the happy healthy mummy/woman again. RSVP Now! I can't wait to see you there!

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