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Healthy Living Warriors are a stand for health, fitness and wellbeing in the LGBTQ+ community. Together, we are causing breakthroughs in strength, healthy habits, body image, & self confidence!

Each Healthy Living Warrior Meetups will focus on an area of healthy living. Options for our gatherings might include: healthy nutrition, exercise, stretching, rest & recovery, weight-management, healthy-aging, mindfulness & wellness. Healthy Living Warrior Meetups are an opportunity to gather in person to trade healthy living tips, tricks, recipes, exercises and support each other as we journey together!

Some sessions will be EDUCATIONAL with a focus on building healthy habits - and some sessions will be ACTIVE with a focus on moving our bodies and getting active!

Come out and join the Healthy Living Warrior Tribe in person at our Meetups. You can also checkout the projects and programs we're up to online at http://www.HealthyLivingWarrior.com !

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