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Purpose: The purpose of this meetup is to create a community of people who understand that our brains can change for the better. We will be exploring strategies, creating support, and engaging in fun ways to expand our minds! We will be expanding the group to include other organizers as well.

What will we do? This meetup will now include a variety of strategies and fun ways to enhance our mental and cognitive health, including:

1.) EFT: We will continue to have meetups where we focus on health, wealth and relationship goals using Emotional Freedom Technique (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/eft/) (EFT/”tapping”). We will cover a different topic each time. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Dealing with stress & feeling overwhelmed, recovering from loss, overcoming rejection, overcoming the fear of change, conquering phobias, recovering from pain, and weight loss.

2.) Brain Games: I blogged about 7 Fun Games to Exercise Your Brain (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/brain-games/), and there will be game nights.

3.) Movie nights: We will organize movie nights that focus in mental or cognitive health.

4.) Other ideas include improv, meditation, yoga, nonviolent communication, self-improvement workshops, interesting talks, relevant shows and more!

Who is organizing this meetup? Dr. Tina Enerjoy (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/dr-tina-enerjoy/) (Tina Huang) has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and is a Holistic Brain Health Practitioner at http://www.lifelongenerjoy.com . She has been researching underlying causes of mental and cognitive disorders for over 18 years in academia, including the University of Rochester, Tufts University, and Johns Hopkins. She uses Emotional Freedom Technique, (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/eft/) the Emotion Code (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/emotion-code/) and the Body Code (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/the-body-code/) to help clients clear identify and release barriers that get in the way of their health, wealth and happiness. She gives talks, workshops and interviews (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/public-speaking-interviews/) in Washington and online, and you can sign up to receive her bimonthly blog articles (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/blog/) and announcements about events at www.lifelongenerjoy.com. (http://lifelongenerjoy.com)

Logistics: Some meetups will be held in Shoreline in my home. For those with allergies, please note that we have a cat and a dog. Other meetups will be in various locations in the greater Seattle area. Addresses of private residences will be sent to you with confirmation of your registration for each event.

To learn more: There is more about EFT, (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/eft/) the other strategies I have to offer, testimonials (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/testimonial/) and my blog on the Hidden Barriers to Happiness (http://lifelongenerjoy.com/hidden_barriers_happiness/)on my web site at http://www.lifelongenerjoy.com .

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5 Hidden Obstacles Professionals Face that Keep them Stuck, Unhappy, Unfulfilled

This is actually not a meetup, but an interview I just did on Sky's The Limit Radio that you can listen to from the comfort of your own home. If you aren't happy with your professional life, you'll get some important ideas (that you may not be aware of) about what is getting in your way, and some tips about how to resolve them. Specifically you'll learn: 1.) Why positive affirmations don’t work for everyone 2.) The secret, yet powerful barrier that gets in the way of your drive for success 3.) The F____ word that is killing your business, and what to do about it. 4.) The #1 mindset that will keep you from the money you need. 5.) The biggest mistake professionals make that keep them stressed and overwhelmed! Want to know more? Listen here: 5 Hidden Obstacles Most Professionals Face that Keep them Stuck, Unhappy & Unfulfilled (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/skysthelimit/2016/01/11/hidden-obstacles-professionals-face-that-keep-them-stuck-unhappy-unfulfilled).

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