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The purpose of this group is to help others to help themselves, to become increasingly healthy and aware, to be members of the Culture of Life and to have fun. We will work with individuals and organizations that share our values and goals, bring in speakers, show movies, host potlucks, encourage our members to help us, others and Source to co-create the Culture of Life.

The Epidemics We Face

Become A Healthy Raw Vegan

As a Member of the Culture of Life

By 2020, lifestyle-related chronic diseases will be responsible for almost three-quarters of deaths globally… The four primary causes of this epidemic, according to the World Health Organization, are poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Simply put, the majority of deaths globally are self-inflicted… well-planned vegan diets…may be useful in the prevention and treatment of numerous chronic diseases, including asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, diverticular disease, fibromyalgia, gall bladder disease, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disease, overweight and obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.”

Becoming Vegan: Express Edition, Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, p 23.

Curing Diabetes:

The most successful anti-diabetes recovery program in the world is described in the book There Is a Cure For Diabetes: Revised Editionby Gabriel Cousens. Cousens’s program renders insulin and related medicines unnecessary within four days. His program is even often effective on type 1 diabetes. Dr. Max Gerson healed Albert Schweitzer of diabetes with live foods way back in the 1920s, and ever since it has been common knowledge in the live-food community that diabetes is curable, pxx.

Cousens distinguishes between the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life on pages xx – xxi. He states on p xxiii that “The overall program includes a minimum of seven-day green juice fast (for Type-2 diabetics) in the first week…and green avocado smoothies for Type-1 diabetics…followed by dietary intake of a 25-45 percent moderate-low complex carbohydrate live-food, plant-source-only diet… limits all carbohydrates to leafy greens, high-fiber vegetables, and sprouts; at least 80% live foods; high in mineral content; 25-45% plant - source – only, raw fat (no animal protein or fat and no transfats from animal or plant sources); low-insulin index; well hydrated; individualized; and of modest food intake, and has no limitations on plant-source fats and protein. There are no processed, junk, or GMO foods or white sugar or white flour. The latter is the powerful secret of the success of this program.

Cousens says ”…the rate of diabetes is changing so rapidly that it seems any statistics are low estimates.…Liberating ourselves from the cultural, nutritional, and personal habits that contribute to the manifestation of diabetes not only helps us to heal ourselves and realize better health but is an act of love and consciousness that contributes to a multilevel positive transformation of society…Do you love yourself and the planet enough to want to heal yourself of diabetes and help the world switch from the Culture of Death, which is the ultimate cause of diabetes, to the Culture of Life, which brings love, peace, abundance, and health to yourself and the planet?” page xxiv-xxv.

Curing Cancer:

Your doctor knows nothing about this information even though it is all found in the medical literature. In my workbook, “Getting Started on Getting Well,” which is part of the Starter Package, there are 17 pages of abstracts from the finest medical journals in the U.S. and the world, showing why this Ten Step Natural Health Plan actually works.

All a person has to do to Reverse his disease is to Change the way he (or she) is living, thinking, acting, eating, and handling stress. One must learn how to Stop doing the things that have caused his disease, and Start doing the things that will rebuild his immune system, so his immune system can get him well and keep him well as God designed it to do.

Your Doctor Can't Cure Your Cancer Because --- He Can't Prevent or Cure His Own! Lorraine Day, M.D. https://www.drday.com/doctors_cannont_cure_cancer.htm

Curing Heart Disease:

For almost four decades, my colleagues and I at the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute and UCSF have conducted clinical research showing, for the first time, that a whole-food, plant-based diet (along with moving more, loving more, and stressing less) may reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease.

Many doctors, such as those featured in the Forks Over Knives film (including Doctors Neal Barnard; Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.; and John McDougall) have found similar results in their clinical practices and research.

My colleagues and I also found that these diet and lifestyle changes may stop or even reverse the progression of early-stage prostate cancer. We found that more than five hundred genes were changed in only three months – turning on genes that protect us and turning off genes that promote heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer, among others. Our latest research showed that even our telomeres get longer (the ends of our chromosomes that control aging); and as our telomeres get longer, our lives get longer. Thus, our genes are a predisposition, but our genes are not our fate.

All these studies were published in the leading peer-reviewed medical journals and provide additional validity for the recommendations in this book. Based on this research, Medicare is now covering our lifestyle program, helping to create a new financially sustainable paradigm of health care rather than only sick care.

In each of these studies, we found that the more people changed their diet and lifestyle, the more they improved and the better they felt – at any age.

The Forks Over Knives Plan by Alona Pulde, MD, and Matthew Lederman, MD, Foreword, Dean Ornish, MD, p xi – xii.

Raw Foods:

We are living in an age where eating lots of raw foods is essential. Cooking destroys many of the vitamins, all of the enzymes, chelated minerals, nucleic acids and chlorophyll. The heat disorganizes the protein structure, leading to deficiency of some of the essential amino acids. The complete protein starvation contributes to premature aging. To compensate for this, many individuals eat lots of protein foods which stress the eliminative organs with much waste. The buildup of waste eventually leads to degenerative diseases. All cooked foods induce an infectious condition. White blood cells increase significantly after such a meal. If the diet is at least 80 percent raw this does not occur. Man is the only animal that cooks food and is the most diseased creature. Researchers all over the world are showing us that the body is self-healing when it is nourished on living foods and fresh juices.

Light Eating For Survival by Marcia Madhuri Acciardo, preface by Viktoras Kulvinskas

Did you ever stop to think that humans are the only animals on earth that cook their food? Like every other living thing on this planet, our bodies were originally designed to ingest raw foods only. Foods that have been cooked, frozen, canned, or processed are dead foods. The true definition of food is a substance that nourishes or fuels the body with life-giving force (via vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.).

Based on 50 years of research and experience and a slew of published studies, this is what I’ve learned about cooked, frozen, canned, and processed foods:

· They have been depleted of many vitamins and minerals.

· They create toxins.

· They drain the life force from the body.

· They can alter the constructive bacterial environment in the intestines.

· They pollute the bloodstream, thereby weakening the liver and other organs.

· They clog the body’s lymph system.

· They deplete the body’s enzyme reserve

· They clog the digestive and elimination system.

· They cause stress, congestion, and mucus.

· They produce the ideal breeding environment for parasites.

Cleans & Purify Thyself: Revised for the 21st Century: Deep, Effective Intestinal Cleansing for Transforming the Body, Mind, and Spirit by Richard Anderson, p 21-22

Live In the Culture of Life:

If you would like to live in the Culture of Life, and if you would like to support others as they free themselves from the Culture of Death, then join the Healthy Raw Vegan Meetup of Colorado Springs, start attending our trainings and potlucks, visit the following websites, watch the following videos and read the following books.








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