What we're about

This is a group for sharing experiences and learning about consciousness, how this affects us and our relationships. It is also about learning more on spirituality and your potential.

Join us if:

- you are interested in self-development, spirituality and conscious relationships

- you wish to learn more on consciousness

- you wish to become more open to giving and receiving unconditional love

- you wish to raise your awareness on the challenges we face in relationships

- you wish to become more empathetic and understanding in your relationships

- you wish to learn how to attract and maintain a relationship with a Soulmate or Twin Flame

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Heal your Love Life in 7 Steps Transformational Workshop

The Charterhouse Clinic

Relationships are one of the most important lessons on our journey as humans. Our relationship to the environment, nature, objects, situations, to the world itself is what makes us who we are, but clearly one of the most challenging types of relationships we get to experience is the one with other humans beings, particularly with a romantic partner. The nature of the Universe is dual, the is always the potential or infinite and the finite or manifested Creation, the push and pull, the Yin and the Yang. The Yin defines the Yang and the Yang defines the Yin. They are opposites but complementary. In the same way, we are meant to manifest this sacred dance of harmony between polarities through relationships. They are a way of discovering the Infinite Self and living a blissful life. There is nothing more beautiful than creating a relationship in total alignment with your infinite Self, yet nothing more challenging. In this workshop I will be giving out the 7 Steps to relationship awareness, healing and manifestation. If you have been heartbroken more than once, gave up on love, if you feel lost and disappointed or you want to know how to create better relationships, this workshop is for you. In this workshop I will be giving you key tools to healing and manifesting your ideal love life, stop compromising and opening yourself to love. You will discover: -What you truly need from a relationship -The beliefs that hold you back -How to use your emotions to heal your love life -How to change your vibration in relation to love -How to consciously live in excitement every day -How to become your best Self I will be explaining these 7 Steps that you have to take in order for your love life to transform radically. I will also be giving meditation techniques for shifting relationship patterns. Please bring notepads/agendas and pens. If you wish to participate RSVP and confirm your attendance by texting ATTENDANCE followed by your name on[masked]. Cost: £20 Payment made in advance via PayPal at [masked] See you there! x

Tarot Readings Day

The Charterhouse Clinic


This is a day I will be offering 20 minute readings in person for £20. I use my psychic abilities as well as divination tools such as Tarot and other decks. Get insight into relationships, career and much more. How to book a reading that day: Please e-mail me at [masked] or text on[masked] Payment in advance preferably via PayPal or cash. Cristina - http://www.healingandmysticism.com Testimonials: "I find Cristina simply amazing! She is so different from all the other spiritual teachers I know. Her approach is very grounded and with a lot of practical techniques and useful advice I never got from anyone before. Her insight and knowledge are absolutely impressive, yet she delivers them in such an approachable manner and acts very humbly. I can say I have learned from her things about myself and life generally that I didn't know I could have access to before." - Sarah "For me, Cristina is a true spiritual guide who made me put all my sorrow and confusion in her healing hands." - Irina "I highly recommend her due to her strong ability to help you become a healthier person both physically and mentally." - Umit "Thank you so much Cristina for such an insightful reading. I feel like I learnt a lot from you today and was very nice to meet you!" - Hanna "It was lovely meeting you yesterday. Thank you so much for your kindness and your guidance you had really make my day and I must say I had a genuine giggle when I left you that is still with me. You are radiant and very humble and I was very comfortable with you so I feel blessed I made your acquaintance and I will treasure your advice. " - Massimiliano "Cristina, I can't thank you enough for all your guidance, patience, empathy and precious tools that you gave me in order to sort out my life. I honestly was the kind of person who did not believe in anything much, certainly not in spirituality or consciousness! You actually showed me that I also had little faith in everything else and living in this closed state I was numbing my whole existence. Thank you for making me realise this truth about myself and helping me understand what was causing pain in my life. I feel so free now, liberated. It's like I feel alive again, truly alive...I love, I trust, I smile and I am looking forward to every new day to make magic happen! Many blessings to you. " - Jessica "Cristina, you have such special gifts to help those who are ready to find their true selves. I feel as if I am still on this most amazing journey and I want to thank you for being part of it" - Beryl "Cristina's workshops are brilliant; well communicated, practical exercises and great value. She's well informed and awesome!" - Gayatri "Thank you so much, Cristina, I was very happy when I left you today and the Universe was smiling at me again, you're very sweet and lovely and I feel blessed I met you today, than you so much for your kindness and positivity." - Ricci "Cristina explains in easy terms the world of the unknown, the working of the Universe and the impact it has on us. I found it fascinating and very helpful, in particular to learn how our thoughts and emotions are intrinsically woven into reality. I now understand more of how reality works. Cristina is a highly aware person and is generous enough to share her experiences with us." - Ewa ​ "Cristina, I am so happy I found you! You saved my life." - Mylene

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Heal your Love Life in 7 Steps Transformational Workshop

The Charterhouse Clinic

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