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Your health is a form of wealth, and by establishing a consistent rhythm of self-care, you can add to your health and wealth reserves. The challenge we all face on a daily basis is stress: it is an inevitable part of life. The stress response is an involuntary function of the autonomic nervous system, and chronic stress has been shown to make you more susceptible to dis-ease. And so it is crucial to establish a consistent rhythm of self-care, so that you can fill up your cup instead of just pouring, pouring, and pouring. By making sure you are resourced, you have more inner reserves of energy so that you feel more balanced, can enjoy the wealth of optimal health, and create the life of your dreams!

You are a powerful creator that deserves to experience health and wealth on all levels -- physically, financially, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our Healthy Wealthy Rhythm Circles are an amazing opportunity to de-stress in our peaceful, healing oasis, fill up with good vibes, and merge with clarity and prosperity. We’ll get to know each other, sip on superfood shakes, give you tips on how to play a drum, play some rhythms together, and take you on a healing, meditative, rhythmic journey with a shared intention of aligning / entraining with the frequency of abundance in health and wealth.

You can expect to:

• Nourish yourself and your cells with organic superfood shakes

• Play a drum and elevate your relaxation response

• Make new friends

• Let go of accumulated stress and tension

• Relax your mind

• Improve your mood

• Align with the abundance

• Renew your spirit

• Revitalize your creativity

• Feel better in body, mind, & spirit

Drumming is an ancient form of meditation, communication, and celebration. Playing in a drum circle is a social activity that enhances interpersonal connectivity, improves non-verbal communication, and builds community. Drumming also reduces stress, elevates feelings of well-being, improves brain functions, lowers blood pressure, boosts your immune response, and is FUN!

And we could all probably stand to have a little more fun and connection in our lives. Especially given the high stress levels most of us experience on a daily basis. Your first nutrients are delivered to you in the womb, and your sense of rhythm begins there too with your mother's heartbeat. And if you have a heartbeat, then you can drum! No previous drumming experience is necessary to participate. Becca and Wes teach you everything you need to know in order to feel comfortable joining in and following along.

Your hosts Wes & Becca Cummings have been drumming together since they were 17 years old, and have each experienced profound transformations since they started consistently nourishing themselves with Core 4 nutrition. Wes lost >70 lbs and reversed his diabetes! Becca lifted herself from depression, released her addiction to weed, and is thriving "wellbriety!" These two Agents of Change also regularly use drumming to clear stressful vibes and align with the abundance of The Universe. C'mon over and you can do the same!

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Healthy Wealthy Rhythm Circle

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Healthy Wealthy Rhythm Circle

Yin Yang Yoga

Healthy Wealthy Rhythm Circle

Yin Yang Yoga

Healthy Wealthy Rhythm Circle

Yin Yang Yoga

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