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This group is for people who do not want to spend their entire lives working for others.

For those who are not satisfied to participate in the 'rat race' and who want to become their own bosses through gradually generating passive income and transferring themselves into business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

You might thought about making positive changes in your live for some time and well understand beauty of passive income and attractiveness of being your own boss.

You might have some great ideas about a business you want to create and about your future financial freedom, however some factors always stopped you from commencing to implement your plans.

You were blaming your laziness, lack of time, lack of money, family and work commitments, fear of failure, and/or something else.

You were watching motivational videos and were reading inspirational books written by someone like Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki that were telling you that the most difficult thing in doing something is to start doing something. However, nothing happened...

According to a research, even thoughts and imagination about our future achievements and success are able to make us happy, a so-called expectation of happiness that does not require any physical action towards our goals. That is why there are so many dreamers and are so few people who actually do something.

There are many studies about how to boost your energy levels, to overcome laziness, suppress anxiety and to get motivated. Few will disagree that good sleep, healthy eating, lots of physical exercises, and social connection are four main pillars of healthy, happy, and productive life.

When it comes to doing a work, unfortunately, most of us are procrastinators. This is due to how our brains function, avoiding difficult and unfamiliar tasks… However, research and experience also show that we do make greater effort when we have social, moral, or contractual obligations. In other words, we all need a kick-start and ongoing support from others.

That is why teams of like-minded, self-organized people are able to achieve so much better compared to isolated individuals.

This group is for people who:
1) Have ‘beautiful’ soul, positive towards life, and appreciate healthy lifestyle, AND
2) Eager to achieve financial independence, AND
3) Have great business ideas or investment plans that you want to implement, AND
4) Intelligent and smart individuals who came to realization that you need to start acting now, AND
5) Ready to invest your time, energy, and money to something your ‘future you’ will thank you for, AND
6) Need a kick-start and support from like-minded people in terms of social motivation, sharing of ideas, finding business and/or investment partnerships, and group learning.

You might decide to start your business or investment on your own or in cooperation with someone else in the group or outside, the choice is yours. If our group can help you to start acting, to achieve your goal, and to become happier in life, we will be all celebrating your success.

People who already achieved financial freedom, experienced business owners and investors, as well as individuals or organisations that can provide business mentoring of some sort and/or to share your stories with us, are also welcome to join. You might find your future business and investment partners among our highly motivated team.

We aim to meet every week or more often as required. The management of the group is suggested to be de-centralized where everyone can contribute their great ideas. Every person in the group will be able to suggest and host a meeting and to set the meeting agenda.

Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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