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About our garden group:

Learn more about CEA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled-environment_agriculture) to understand more clearly where we are headed and what our main goals are.

For nearly 11 years, since 2007, my assistants and I have been growing a community garden group with multiple garden properties in the Salt Lake valley. It started with my own garden and grew to 17 large garden properties with many garden members working in the gardens. It was hard work and labor intensive. During the past few years we looked for ways to become more effective, efficient and make gardening much less physically demanding. As a result we discovered new ways to simplify, be more creative and productive with our time, talents and resources.

Our focus is now on two Holladay garden properties only. Holladay A Garden, as it is called, is our main property which features 5000+ garlic bulbs in our soil gardens AND a 1200 square foot high tunnel cold frame greenhouse that we transformed into a hydroponic garden which we use mainly for teaching hands-on classes and growing lush, green lettuce, herbs, kale, micro greens and other small leaf varieties. Holladay B Garden, a traditional soil garden only, is just a short 5 minute drive away from our main garden and is used mostly from February through September. Every February we plant 400+ feet of sugar snap peas and some fava beans which is ready to harvest in May or early June. More veggies are planted in the spring and grown during our summer season.

Our purpose for promoting this garden group is to teach and help people practice valuable, self-reliant gardening skills through hands-on experience and application. I also enjoy feeding people as they come, learn and participate. During the past few years, I have invested heavily in CEA methods, which is developing creative high-tech ways to grow your own food.

I am eager to teach students, young and old, how to grow food using soil AND hydroponic methods. Students will also learn a lot about CEA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled-environment_agriculture), Controlled environmental agriculture, which uses very little space inside of a home, class room, garage, basement, spare room, office space, etc.

Introductory classes for people of all ages are available.

Who will benefit the most?

Those who are

1) interested in growing for personal use

2) hobbyists looking to earn extra money from home

3) interested in learning more about becoming a commercial grower

4) commercial growers wanting to experiment with new crops

5) interested in building and developing a school agricultural program

6) interested in building and developing an agricultural program in your office or work place

But that's not all! Learn more about what I have to offer!

I'm all about living a healthy, active, abundant lifestyle on a shoestring budget! Check out my website liveandthrive.com (https://liveandthrive.worldsecuresystems.com) for more activities to participate in. On Meetup you'll find me at "Sheryl's Outdoor Adventure Group (https://www.meetup.com/preview/LiveAndThriveOutdoorAdventures)".

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Greenhouse Garden Work w/ Refreshments

2836 E Casto Ln

Come and work with us in our Holladay gardens.

Greenhouse Garden Work w/ Refreshments

Sheryl's Holladay Garden and Greenhouse

Come, work and get better acquainted with our Holladay gardens.

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