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For WOMEN only! $40 per person Are YOU needing a private healing space to unwind and just BE?? Come out to the SACRED SISTAR SWEAT LODGE and enjoy an intimate community healing space to include: the sacred Crystal healing bowls, personal exercises, a healing probiotic soup, natural body products, cold showers and an alchemical bonfire! 🔥 This is a powerfully grounding and uplifting experience which was intentionally created to address and transmute personal challenges in a safe space. It’s a true detox on all levels! Please come dressed to sweat- in a bathing suit 👙 birthday suits are acceptable as well. Bring a towel and/or bathrobe and a change of clothes for afterwards. Journals for processing are encouraged. A perfect experience to share with a daughter, sister or girlfriend!❤️ Due to limited space, advanced RSVP and payment are required: PayPal: [masked] Cash App: $SacredHealthGenie

Why Sleep is Important For Your Health

Midtown Atlanta

Do you think you got enough sleep this past week? Can you recall the last time you woke up without an alarm clock feeling refreshed, not needing caffeine? If the answer is "no", you are not alone. Two-thirds throughout developed nations fail to obtain the recommend eight hours of sleep a night. Why does this matter? Let me let a neuroscientist who conducted thousands of studies tell you why sleep is essential for your health... Insufficient sleep and routinely sleeping less than 6-7 hours a night: * demolishes your immune system, more than doubling your risk of cancer * is a key factor determining whether or not you will develop Alzheimer's disease * disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly that you will be classified as pre-diabetic * increases the likelihood of your coronary arteries becoming blocked and brittle, setting you on a path toward cardiovascular disease, stroke, and congestive heart failure * further contributes to all major psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety, and sociality * is a proven recipe for weight gain In other words: the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span. So why is sleep under-appreciated and under-valued in our society? I wonder that myself, but I am on a mission to make a shift in the toxic "I will sleep when I'm dead" mindset. In this meeting, we'll discuss: * Why sleep is essential for your health (mind, body, and soul) * How consistently getting enough sleep will make you live longer * How shifting our views on sleep will benefit the community and society * Tips on how to get better sleep The meeting can also serve as a book discussion, as the information presented will be extracted from the book: "Why We Sleep" by Mathew Walker. I highly recommend purchasing it: https://amzn.to/2ZxPDdI Where will this take place? The meeting will take place in Midtown, Atlanta, but the exact location is TBD. It depends on how many people show interest and reserve. Who is hosting/presenting? My name is Sinoun (pronounced "sin-noon") and all my friends know me as the lover of sleep. For about 20 years, I've consciously given myself the nightly sleep I deserve and need. I owe my great health to my sleep habits! I'm also a lover of dreams and value its importance. If this event goes well, I'll do a Part 2 for the meeting that will focus on the power of dreams! :) Delicious snacks and refreshments will be served, but I may also offer the opportunity to buy a healthy dinner for a small fee. Not sure yet. The details will be finalized as time gets closer as it depends on the interest and reservations for the event. I look forward to talking to you all!

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