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If you would like to feel better, have more energy, lose weight (and keep it off), strengthen your immune system, and think from a higher place, yet you have trouble creating the habits that will facilitate this, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

People already know what's healthy and what's not healthy for their brains and their bodies. More information about how important exercise is or how bad processed sugars are will not benefit anyone.

What people don't know is how to prioritize which modifications will serve the individual best. Everyone's lifestyle is at least a little different, meaning the most beneficial changes are going to vary person to person. This Meetup will bring clarity as to what are the most important new habits for you to create. This is the easy part...

The biggest challenge for most people is not figuring out what change to make nor it actually making the change, it's sustaining the change. This group provides the tools, strategies, and support system to help you adopt these changes for the long run. This is what will allow your health to truly flourish.

The Meetups are hosted by Dr. Steven Cain DC, and Carol Zizich. Dr. Steve has been passionate about helping people adopt healthier lifestyles since he was a teenager. He has a focus in health coaching and brain health. Carol Zizich transformed her health and her life 20 years ago and loves to help others do the same. She is a Reiki Master and has been certified in lifestyle coaching.

The Meetups are designed to be fun, engaging, and enlightening. In each session we will...

- Learn new elements of what a healthy lifestyle is + how to apply it (sometimes we will have guest speakers)

- Engage with the topics (we will incorporate exercise when we discuss exercise, we will host potluck lunches when we discuss nutrition, we will partake in meditative techniques when we discuss stress management)

- Discuss how we are progressing towards our goals. The Meetup hosts will guide group discussions that create a supportive team environment and bring clarity to the next step to take. The hosts will also log each participants progress (ie how many hours a week they have been exercising or how many servings of vegetables they are having a day) so that each participant can see their charted progress over time.

This Meetup is designed open to anyone who would like to upgrade their health.

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