What we're about

Our mission is to inspire parents and individuals to live longer youthful and fulfilling lives through better education on balanced nutrition, natural cutting edge supplements and fitness.

Famous Mark Macdonald said: 'Every diet works, but Only as long as you do it. If you can not do it for the rest of your life, or wouldn't recommend it to your children, that diet is nonsense and won't work.' Very true indeed.

We have created an environment where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the company of others who have similar goals. We have caring experts that are highly motivated to help you achieve your personal goals in short time and that love to talk and exchange their knowledge with you and your family.

For the moms: We’ve all heard the saying—Happy wife, happy life. While many husbands may say that in jest, in fact if you switch happy to healthy you really may be on to something. Moms have a lot of influence on the health of their kids and families, starting during pregnancy. According to letsmove.gov, a child’s chance of being obese increases if a pregnant mom gains too much weight, smokes or has diabetes. And of course, when you make healthy food choices, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and generally prioritize your health, you are setting a great example for your family.

So what’s your excuse for not focusing on your health?

- I’m too busy to exercise.
- It’s easier to grab take out.
- I don’t have the energy to exercise or cook.
- Making time for me takes away from my family.

We will talk and share our experiences and help each individual with plans and ideas on how to incorporate better nutrition and exercise into your daily routines and make it a lasting lifestyle.

Where do we meet?
We are meeting at Panera Bread in Walnut, CA and are open for other suggestion.

If you don't see an event coming up just message us for a free personal meeting for some educational tips and tricks to start with.

Join us if you want to learn how to live healthier and network with local likeminded people - our goal is to build friendships and inspire each other and help making the world become a healthier place.

Contact: Sandra 909.979.1201 call or txt, Sylva 909.325.5305 call or txt.

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