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Let's be healthy together! Have fun being active with us!! Go on adventures, see new places, make workouts exciting, keep on track with goals, stay motivated, and have good times while we do it all!!! We make being healthy an enjoyable and uplifting group experience. When you join us for activities they are sure to be a highlight of your week because you will be with positive people who are supportive and fun.

Be an active participant in a variety of life-enriching experiences. Together we play volleyball, practice yoga, do pilates, spinning, running, bike riding, swimming, kayaking, hiking, play frisbee, strength train, group exercise, go bowling, dancing and more. When you are regularly involved in such activities think how good you will feel - imagine the stress melting away...renewing your energy, spirit, and motivation. You will look and feel your best with us. We get to know each other at healthy pot-luck dinners, theme parties, camping, game nights and movie nights. Learn together through offered workshops or with members sharing their knowledge and experiences. Topics may include how to cook healthy, meditate, have better relationships, lose weight, live in the moment, or be more spiritual. We offer nutrition solutions as well. Try invigorating experiences with us such as horse back riding on a beach, white water rafting, or skiing. Wellness involves the complete person - body, mind and spirit - which is why we offer such a diverse variety of opportunities that unite us as a team. You will always feel welcome and fit right in as we are nice people. Organizers can even meet you at activities until you get to know members and feel comfortable. If your body is a work in progress, like most of us, we will help and encourage you on your journey with us; you will not be left behind no matter what shape you are in. We are all everyday people of all ages and from all walks of life in hectic lifestyles looking to better ourselves. Now is the time to make yourself a priority by making new connections with like-minded people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Let's share our good energy, seek natural highs, earn high-fives and find the spirit of teamwork that comes with it.

Let us know what you like to do, what makes you smile or makes you feel alive, for we want to do it with you. Take us to your secret trail or place that touches your soul. Share your wisdom and passions and experience the rewards of sharing your gifts with others. By contributing in your own way we will all walk stronger down the path of good health and happiness. Join us in making Healthy Friends a fun and exciting part of living a healthy lifestyle. We hope to see you soon : )

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