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This group is for women who are passionate about continually improving themselves by learning about natural health, healthier food choices, and empowering their minds to maximize the bodies innate healing abilities!!

Join us as we discuss what it really takes to live your best life and show up with joy by becoming the best version of yourself through empowering mindset beliefs and a developing a strong, healthy body!

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How I Healed My Cervical Cancer Naturally Stunning 2 Sets of Doctors

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of cervical cancer and told if I did not do conventional methods to combat it it would progress and I could die. My husband is the Chief Physicist at Queens Hospital in the Radiation Oncology Department and works with cancer patients everyday, and was not happy when I told him I decided to heal myself naturally. After 4 months, my results came back cancer free, shocking 2 sets of doctors and nurses, and my husband! If you or anyone you know is concerned about cancer and are looking to hear other peoples experiences in healing themselves, I invite you to come and join us! We will do some light stretching and exercising at 3:00 p.m., and then talk story at 3:45pm. I will be sharing my complete protocol I used to heal my cancer in 4 months, explaining details for those who have questions about different components of the protocol. This is by no means advice; each person must make their own personal decision about what is right for them, and work with a qualified health professional. This is just my story to inspire and encourage! Make sure to RSVP so I can prepare, and if something comes up and you can't make it, to cancel. I appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing there, Sending Love, Gigi lei Makaike

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