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Heart Based Meditation Instruction is always FREE and the good news is, everyone can meditate & here are some of the positive benefits of creating a daily practice with an Ayurveda Spiritual Counselor & Teacher:

reduce stress
detox mind and body
experience more joy & love in life
shifting and releasing old paradigms
more emotional stability
more restful sleep

Join us, it's FREE!


Illuminated Path Institute is South Florida's collaboration of Healing Arts Professionals & Trainings and Services.

Our training supports personal and professional transformation. We offer LIVE workshops as well as seminars, group work, certified healing modalities, women’s circles, & ONLINE courses.

We are here to support your healing, whether for yourself and your family, or as a career in the healing arts.

Our programs are open to those who are looking for personal transformation and renewal, as well as those who want to train in the work of a healing professional.

Our courses are for those who are looking to supplement their skills as body-centered therapists of all kinds, & some courses have ceu's (hands-on healers, psychotherapists, medical professionals, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and more).

When we allow ourselves to recognize the "goodness" in everything, we are in the flow of abundance!

xo ~ Onward!

Wendy G. Sosa, CH.t

Illuminated Path Institute, Owner

Heart Based Mediation Instructor

Ayurveda Spiritual Counseling

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