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Dear inspiring women of London!

Women’s circles are an enchanting way of celebrating true connection between women of all ages and backgrounds. We drop our sometimes conflicting roles as partners, mothers, daughters, professionals, seducers, caretakers, to simply be ourselves.

I’d love to share with you this delightful experience of sisterhood. Bring a flower, a friend and an open curious heart :-)

We will meditate, laugh, dance, express, honour and celebrate the fullness of our lives as women. We will feel light, replenished and connected within and without.

We come together in a circle where each woman is equal in her own uniquely enchanting way. The circle offers a space where we can reconnect to the empowered feminine. Where we support and celebrate each other’s unique beauty and gifts. Hold the space for each other to delve deep into our inner mystery.

We show up truly and authentically and so empower our sisters to do the same. We do not need to be fixed. We do not need to fit in. "When you gather a group of kindred spirits together, a sacred container is created and something magical happens: that circle of people ends up being something greater than the sum of its parts. A powerful, dynamic energy emerges from the group collective and it opens up a channel to the even greater collective of life.” Victoria Fann, Author of ‘The Alchemy of Groups' Looking forward to celebrating with you!

Love Julie

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ForeMothers Feminine Lineage Circle

Kensington Gardens, just behind the Serpentine Gallery

New Moon Sisters Dance Circle (online)

Zoom Meeting

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