What we're about

We offer introductory classes of “Chan/Zen” meditation and the class will includes:

– Step-by-step Heart Chan meditation instructions which includes floor sitting, belly breathing, and cultivation of "Chi"

– Fundamental teachings of Heart Chan Practice

– Integration of body, mind and spirit in everyday life

Our practice requires no prior meditation experience. Individuals with non-religious or all religious background are welcome.
For those who are curious about “Chan” meditation, this is a meditation tradition in ancient China later being passed down to Japan and known by many as Zen nowadays. Our meditation practice is along the lineage of Chinese “Chan” that can be traced back over 1500 years at Shaolin temple in China, where Master Bodhidharma, an enlightened Indian monk traveling all the way from India to central China to spread the teachings of Chan. Although it is traditionally viewed as part of Buddhism, our practice is suitable for people of any religion or creed with its true essence surpassing language or tradition.

In naming our group “Heart Chan”, we are following the “Heart Chan” teachings of the 85th Patriarch of the School of Chan, who dedicated his entire life to show us the way to the path of purification, wisdom, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

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