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Christmas Bash - Building Our Community
Tonight is about mingling, getting to know each other better, breaking down barriers, building relationships, growing trust. Why? My Vision… To have a growing group of people, who wouldn’t normally interact, coming together to support each other in exploring better ways of working and using The Heart of Agile as a common theme. From the Agile Manifesto... "We are uncovering better ways ... and helping others do it" and the top value is "Individuals and interactions" - it's all about people, specifically people working together and helping each other. A community. But what makes a great community? A community is: “The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common” - Heart of Agile, learning from and helping others. “A group of people who will help you through difficult times and celebrate with you in happy times. It is a group of people who have a commitment to you and who are there when you need them” - we're getting there. I believe that food, drinks and a comfortable, relaxed social setting will help. About the venue:

The Cherry Tree Hotel

53 Balmain Street · Richmond

Respond by: 12/17/2018

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    What we're about

    Our purpose: “To reinforce and reflect on core Agile principles in a simple way to deliver maximum value to all”

    Our focus areas: 1) How to use / apply Heart of Agile, 2) Sharing of practical examples / stories and 3) Explore the HofA quadrants themselves

    Our Working Agreement (

    This group is exploring Dr Alistair Cockburn's "Heart of Agile (Rediscovering the heart and spirit of Agile)" as a model for getting back to basics and exploring the simplicity of Agile, and the unfolding deeper ideas and concepts it leads to. Spoiler alert! They're personal to you...

    The group is either for those people who are currently using Heart of Agile as such a model, those interested in using it or anyone who just wants to know more about it. As a Community, we are looking for people to take away learnings and inspiration, try things out (however small) and bring back their experiences to share with the community for their benefit.

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