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HeartCamps are "unconferences," or ad-hoc gatherings where we talk about heart-centered living in a participatory way: all participants are speakers. No two HeartCamps are the same: as a community, we co-create the experience. A moderator guides discussion, and a curator may shape the experience, but in its a purest form, a camp encourages us to just show up and share our best practices, unlearn what no longer serves us, and leave refreshed with insightful takeaways.

I founded HeartCamp in my hometown of Miami in 2009, inspired by the loose style of tech community camps, where the boundary between speaker and audience is blurred, and no one person lords it over in the podium. At HeartCamp, we develop emotional intelligence, encourage presence and cultivate compassion. Some HeartCamps may be small, others large. Some may have curated speakers, or experiential activities, any combination thereof, or none at all. But no matter its shape, everyone has something abundant to offer.

Join me as I develop HeartCamps in my new hometown of DC, where a vibrant, active community of heart-centered folks has already welcomed me with open arms. HeartCamp is my gift to you, your gift to me, and a gift we give each other when we hold space together, talk and listen.

Feel free to contact me with ideas for specific themes.

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