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Join us at this group that meets regularly through the year, to share the experience of living from the heart. Each meeting includes a deep and beautiful meditation that takes you into your heart space and guides you to discover the immense resources that are available to you there. Your heart is a wise guide; reservoir of healing; sanctuary of peace and restoration; best of friends that cherishes you, and gateway to your authentic self. In each meeting I will take you through empowering and transformative processes, to help you get to know your own wise heart with all that it has to offer.

There will be plenty of time for group sharing enabling you to experience how you can use your heart's loving power in real and effective ways that will make a genuine positive difference to your life. This group is a safe space to be the real you, make heart centred connections, let go of stress, gain inspiration, and have fun. We share everything that we are from the deep and profound to the playful and fun. Join us, live from your heart and see how it lights up your life…!

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Heart Powered Self Love

Free Webinar in the comfort of your own home.

Heart Powered Healing

Free Webinar in the comfort of your own home.

Living from Your Heart...Meditation and Practices

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