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Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation - South Riding (Free)
Heartfulness Meditation is a simple, practical technique that you can use alongside to any other form of yoga, meditation or spiritual practice. With practice one is able to better integrate the Heart-based Living through Heartfulness. You are warmly invited to a free relaxation and Meditation workshop. No prior experience needed. All are welcome. On-Site trainers will teach the following practices. 1. Rejuvenate: Unwind and clean the mind at the end of the day, to let go of stress and emotions and simplify your life. 2. Guided Relaxation : Learn to relax your whole body in few minutes. 3. Guided Meditation on Heart : Learn to meditate for emotional and physical well-being. Please click on the following link/video to know more about Heartfulness or visit (

42353 Friendship Street, Chantilly, VA

42353 Friendship Street · Chantilly, VA

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We invite you to join us and experience a simple, effective heart-based meditation technique to rest your mind and bring tranquility into your life. The practice is not affiliated with any religion and focuses on a very practical approach to regulating the mind.

Heartfulness is a based on the philosophy of Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind), which aims to bring the mind to a centered state, thus making it balanced, focused, and effective.

Benefits include: Improved quality of life
- Stress relief
- Better quality of sleep
- Stimulation of the immune system
- Greater concentration

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