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Living from the Heart.

Love, Goodness, Ultimate Self, Peace or Joy. Whatever we may call it, we somehow know that what we are seeking is within us. Meditation is the vehicle we use to move us forward on our journey of Self-Discovery. When we strengthen the connection between the Heart and the Mind with regular practice, our life becomes wonderfully balanced.

Heartfulness is a simple and effective way to integrate Meditation into our daily routine. It leads us from the constant outer activity of life into our inner selves where personal transformation happens in the silence of our Heart. It is a remodeled system of Raja Yoga, Yoga of the Mind, which calms the mental activity and brings us to a centered state, thus becoming focused and effective, the value of which can be felt by our own direct experience.

Through a daily practice of Heartfulness meditation, we learn to maximize the efficiency of the Mind and the beauty of the Heart leading to our individual personal excellence. This is your invitation to experience this unique practice. There is no fee to learn or practice our method.

Please visit our international site: www.heartfulness.org (http://www.heartfulness.org/)

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Heartfulness Meditation

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Heartfulness Meditation

Riverwinds Community Center

Heartfulness Meditation and Relaxation in Woodbury

West Deptford Free Public Library

Peaceday Meditation

Indian Cultural Center of South Jersey

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