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This is for anyone who likes to get out and talk and who want to live a little.....or a lot. The intention is to have a group that is interested in all the activities in and around the Laois area. Since all counties that surround us, have towns or villages in each county e.g. Portarlington, they too are Midlanders and are most welcome to come along too. We are all the people who live in the very heartland of the country. But the plan is to get Laois people in the towns and in rural areas out and socialising.

I plan on having one Meetup a month. I have to come up with the first one because I want there to be enough members to make it really fun and I want it to be something a bit different. So check back in a few weeks. Depending on success, we could start having one every fortnight.

This is neither a religious or political group. So if conversations drift this way, I will change the subject if it gets too heated. Please understand that all people's opinions are their own and just respect and accept that they have one view and you have another.

Our real aim is art and culture appreciation and involvement. We want to get up and away from the couch or p.c. Everyone can become a contributor to the Arts and Culture as there is such a vast and never-ending range of topics that come under the name.

This group is non-profit and we receive no funding from anywhere whatsoever. There are a few organisations that we can apply to for funding under the rural regeneration areas. So for the moment, people will have to organise their own transport home or drive themselves. As the club grows, a car-sharing group may evolve. If we were to obtain enough funds to enable a 20 seater one night a week to ferry people to and from events, it would be wonderful for all involved. It is something that I am going to chase as best I can. But a positive outcome should not be expected.

I am going to charge a joining fee of €10. This will be for phone calls to various establishments looking for good areas reserved for us or other offers. I will have to drive up and down from Portlaoise and pay an overnight Airbnb accommodation to make sure I am there in time on the day of the event and stay until everyone has gone home. I will have to put in time into all social media which would probably be around 10-15 hours a week. But none of this money is going to me as I am doing it totally on a voluntary basis. I will post a ledger each month of what we have and what we have spent money on. If there is money left over at the end of the year it will be to host a party that no one will have to pay for. This is the fairest way that I can see of running it and it is based on the success of another Meetup.

Please note that everyone must pay for their own ticket or entrance fee to any event. I will not carry out any group bookings.

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