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Everyone seeking healing, inner connection, peace and radiant health should come learn how to practice qigong! The benefits to your life are tremendous. "I was born a healer, you were born a healer, too!" Those are the words of Master Lin who created the Spring Forest Qigong as a way for people to heal themselves and their families and friends.

Please join us for the powerful healing magic of Spring Forest Qigong, a gentle, moving meditation for balancing and opening your energy field to achieve vibrant health, connection and healing! This simple, easy to learn qigong can help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn to connect to source energy and replenish, purify and move your own Qi (pronounced ‘chee’).

Have you tried to meditate in the past, but had a hard time quieting your mind? Have you heard all the buzz about the amazing benefits of meditation, but you can’t stay focused and never find the stillness? Then Qigong may be the answer! Many people find the gentle, rhythmic movements help them turn inward, shutting out the daily ‘noise’ to easily tune in to a serene, healing meditation experience! The result is the opening of the body’s channels, with powerful healing of illness, discomfort and all kinds of dis-ease. Learn to heal yourself and others.

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