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Atmospherical Arts with Revati Wawra

HEBORID Interzone, is a calming post in the form of a revitalizing boost station for the organism. An oasis of contemplation and regeneration.From 20 October to the end of December 2018, the gallery space of the WBB Gallery in Zurich's Oberdorf got transformed into a place of rest with a clear conscience.

As a contrast to the steadily dwindling retreats in public space, the HEBORID Interzone acts as a window to the inner planetarium, enabling gallant navigation between everyday life and temporary detachment from time.Atmospheric artist Revati Wawra creates an everyday ritual in which the deceleration of modern man is paramount. According to her leitmotif "slowling", which is a slow, energetic swing, she creates an Elysian Interzone, a kind of intermediate world to arrive and let go.

The HEBORID unites the beauty of art in its multi-sensory vibration with interaction to explore being. Specially created light compositions and sound sculptures guide the visitor into an expanded state of consciousness. Elysium 2.0 enriches our cityscape with a special kind of meditation room.

About the artist:

Revati Jane Wawra, is an Algerian-German rooted neo-nomad. Her study of Art Direction in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has helped her with her extraordinary ability to put ideas into action. The resulting creations are sensitively finely tuned holistic spaces that create space for inner contemplation and healing.

Since 2002 she has received from her father Gerald Wawra, bioenergetics and alternative practitioners for psychotherapy, a comprehensive knowledge in light and color therapy and self-taught further. At about the same time, she discovered her practical skills in body and energy work, and since then underwent parallel ongoing instruction and meetings with internationally recognized masters from a variety of ancient healing and spiritual traditions.

In the summer of 2018, she completed her 2-year training in archaic sound-trance formation at the Soundtrance Institute, where she was taught by the psychiatrist, neurologist and music psychotherapist dr. Peter Hess, Heike Hess and sound healer Joel Olivé in Soundtrance and approaches of transpersonal psychotherapy.

As a pioneer, Revati Wawra alias Zenjai Photona developed her own method, driven by her passion for linking the ancient wisdom with the latest discoveries to the medicine of our future, biomedicine.


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