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Hi Data Scientists or Data Scientists-to-be,

The Heidelberg Data Scientist Meetup Group was created for everyone with interest in the sexiest job of the 21st century. To raise the Meetup-Group to the next level, we as organisers have decided to join PyData.

PyData is a global network with almost 100 meetups and 70.000 members. We believe the exchange of ideas and knowledge is something international. With PyData we run meetups regularly at changing locations where we will have local and international speakers. The Events usually cover Data Science as well as the related topics and should bring the community and speaker together - Because it’s all about networking, exchanging experience and knowledge.
So, if you are interested in quality talks and meeting likeminded people you are welcome to Join us at PyData Südwest or Frankfurt!

See you soon!

Team PyData Südwest

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MAFINEX Technologiezentrum

Big Data BBQ (Mannheim)

MAFINEX Technologiezentrum

Data Science Meetup

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Data Scientist Meetup

Needs a location

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